Private Sessions



Please call or email me so we can discuss and create a customized healing session for you based on your needs and intention for our time together.  Based on our conversation I will begin to create a healing plan specialized just for you. Depending on your location will determine an in person session or distance session. Sessions are $75.00 for 60 minutes or $100 for 90 minutes and are given in the comfort of your own home if within my local area.



Each ENERGY HEALING session is tailored to your needs and I draw from a full array of advanced One Light Healing Touch™ energy healing techniques. A session begins with a discussion about your needs and desires for our time together.

We begin with grounding and energy clearing practices to help you relax and receive the healing energy. I will assess any blocked energies,remove unwanted energy and channel restorative, healing energy through my hands to rebalance your energy system. My hands can be placed lightly on your body or slightly above. You will be clothed. Our session will conclude with a conversation about the outcome of the session including any messages from spirit, intuitive insights and path forward. It is not necessary to believe in energy healing for it to be effective.


Long Distance Healing